Please stay safe, stay connected, and together we will get through this.

At the Y, we will not allow social distancing to become social isolation.

Although we are currently shutdown for the safety of our community, it does not mean that the Y isn’t here for you! We are hoping that you are #StayingWithUs throughout this unprecedented time.

We have created YouTube and video conferencing to deliver to you as much of the Y experience throughout the upcoming weeks. We’ll also have tips and tricks for making it through these uncharted times. S.T.E.A.M Projects for the kids, Yoga & Fitness classes along with YKids Story times. You also don’t want to miss out on the weekly Crochet and Book Club meetings.

Please stay safe and stay connected. Our community is strong, and together, we will make it through this and become even stronger.

March 31, 2020

Join Jess for Ageless Aerobics @ 8:00AM

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Qi Gong with Jean @ 8:15AM
Release, Re-energize and Power Up

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Rebecca’s Hi Lo cardio workout @ 8:30AM

Class presentation

Join us @ 9:30AM for follow up

Intermediate/Advanced Yoga @ 9:30AM

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Join us @ 10:30AM for follow up

YMCA 360

Kids Yoga @ 11:00AM

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Miss Kim’s Physical Activity Games @ 3:30PM

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Miss Kerri’s Storytime @ 4:30PM

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Lemon & Sand Sharks @ 5:00PM
By Zoom invitation only

Anytime of day — A Virtual tours of our country’s’ most beautiful national parks

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SilverSneakers Stretching @ 8:30AM

Workout will focus on strengthening, stretching the abdomen and torso by solely using the body. Technique involves proper breathing and control over various muscles conditioning the core & total body.

Strength/Pilates with Jess @9:30AM

Come experience the relaxation that Reiki can provide. Reiki is a “Spiritually guided life force energy”. Lead by a Reiki Master participants are seated in a chair for increased comfort. Reiki is a spiritual healing practice used to promote balance throughout the human system.

Join us through @10:30AM

Join us @ 1:00PM:
Virtual Book Club Meeting Invitation

Miss Kacie & Miss Nichole @ 3;30PM Sanford Harmony including activities that keep the children connected to each other

Join us for the Zoom Meeting

Miss Kerri’s Storytime @ 4;30PM

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Reef & Bull Sharks @ 5;00PM
By Zoom invitation only

Cardio Circuit class tonight from 5:45 – 6:30 With Dagan

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Sunday, March 29th

LoriLynn H.I.I.T. Facebook Live @ 9:30AM

SilverSneakers Chair Class @ 10:30AM

Saturday, March 28th

Step Class with Jess!! Join us @ 9:30AM

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SilverSneakers @10:30AM

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Friday, March 27th

Join Jean for Ageless Cardio & Strength @ 8:30AM

Zoom scheduled class

Join Jean for Chair Core Community Class @ 9:30AM

Zoom scheduled class

Jacqui’s Backpack Tabata

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Boot Camp for Beginners @ 11:30AM

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Silver Sneakers Class @ 1:00PM

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Thresher & Mako @ 5:00PM

By Zoom invitation only

Join LoriLynn for Coremax @ 6PM on Facebook Live

Followed by Zoom Group Chat @ 7:00PM Click here

Thursday, March 26th

YMCA 360
Rise and Shine ClASS

Ageless Cardio and Strength Class

With Rebecca at 9:30AM-10:15AM
Zoom Call in at 10:15AM

Join our Virtual Crochet Club at 1pm

via Zoom. Meeting invitation

Join Miss Jamie for Water Safety @ 2:00PM for Beginner Level and 3:00PM for Youth Classes

By invitation… Water safety tips to follow on Facebook

Enjoy YKids fun with Miss Jen & Miss Kirsten

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OCY TigerShark Senior group @ 5:00PM

By Zoom invitation only

Try a SilverSneakers Class

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Wednesday March 25th

Weight Loss Group with MaryAnn
10:30 AM Email to join program

Gentle Yoga with Terry @ 9:30AM
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Join in the Zoom participation class to chat with Terry and friends @ 10:30AM
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Join Ocean County YMCA President & CEO, Peter Rosario, in a Membership Meeting @ 1:00PM

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Meeting ID: 341 717 6073 Dial in by phone 1-929-205-6099

Try visiting the YMCA 360: Your Virtual YMCA classes for additional workouts.

They are available 24 hours a day.

YMCA 360: Your Virtual YMCA

S.T.E.A.M. with Miss Jamie @ 4:15-5:15PM

We’ll be posting on Facebook materials and project for families to do at home.

Great White & Hammerhead swimmers and parents at 5:00pm.

Zoom meeting invitation sent


Zoom member participation after class @ 8:00PM on

Tuesday, March 24th

Fitness Fusion Class with Jean @ 8:15AM

Join her in the virtual class through the free app @

Simply Click Class Invitation

Join Yoga Terry @ 9:30AM for a Level 1/2 class

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Terry will be hosting a call in hour @ 10:30AM Call in to chat with Terry and friends.. Click here for invitation.

YKids Story Hour @ 4:00PM with Miss Jen & Miss Kirsten

Download the free app @

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Join Jean for Qi gong for a boost of immunity @ 9:00AM

Class Invitation

Monday, March 23rd
Join us @ 1:00PM:
Virtual Book Club Meeting

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Chair Yoga with Terry @ 3:00PM:

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