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Our Club Story

It all started with a bird's nest.

It all started with a bird’s nest.

In January of 2020, wildfires were raging through Australia, displacing millions of small animals and birds from their homes; as a result, many species were on the verge of possible extinction. Through social media, word spread that animal care facilities were in desperate need of nests to nurture the rescued creatures back to health; in particular, crocheted nests. Due to the nature of how crochet stitches are formed, crochet nests provided the perfect combination of sturdiness and warmth required to help the tiny creatures feel safe and secure, giving them a safe, comfortable place to heal and be restored to health. As part of our Martin Luther King Week of Service, we invited crocheters to join us in making some of these nests to send to Australia. One week led to two, and that led to three. More people joined us each week, and the next thing you know, we were meeting regularly and our informal group had grown from 5 or 6, to 16 to 18 and we were officially a club!

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