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Group Fitness

Ocean County YMCA offers classes for all ages, levels, and interests.

From low-impact exercise, strength training, to water exercise, you’ll find a group class that’s fun, supportive, and keeps you moving.

All skill levels welcome!

Zumba fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away. Energize your body and achieve long-term benefits while having an absolute blast.

Don’t forget – we offer Aqua Zumba! Add the element of water to your Zumba workouts!

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Walking is more than just a way to get around.  At any speed is a way to improve your fitness, burn calories and reduce the health risks of inactivity.  You get even more benefits for health, fitness and weight loss by walking at a brisk walking pace that puts you into the moderate intensity exercise zone.  Learn the right posture, arm motion and stride.

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It’s time to relax the mind and body.

Plyoga: Combine the fitness essentials of strength and endurance with those of balance and flexibility. Modifiable to every fitness level.

Yoga Level 1 (Beginner): A traditional Hatha Yoga program designed to increase flexibility and strengthen the body.

Yoga Level 2 (Intermediate): This class combines breathing techniques, yoga postures, and relaxation to reduce stress, increase flexibility and balance the body, mind and spirit.

Yoga Level 3 (Advanced): Class types might include Power (yang), Restorative, Balance & Meditative, Vinyasa Flow and Hip Opener (yin). Extended class combines breathing techniques, yoga postures & relaxation, with increased emphasis on form & alignment.

Gentle Yoga: Class moves at a slow and mindful pace to assure proper body alignment and emphasizes mental relaxation through a series of breathing instructions.

Friday Flow Yoga: This class will have a continuous Sun-Salutation flow, weaving postures throughout the flow.

Therapeutic Chair Yoga (Beginner): Hatha Yoga program developed for students with limited mobility, disabilities, wheelchair-bound, arthritis and those not comfortable getting on the floor. All postures are done sitting in a chair.

Yo-Qua (All Levels): A fusion of aquatic Yoga. Stretch, move rhythmically and breathe restoratively.

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Workout will focus on strengthening, stretching the abdomen and torso by solely using the body.

Technique involves proper breathing and control over various muscles conditioning the core & total body.

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It’s time to get down with a variation of boxing.

This class provides a great workout focused on learning and developing Muay Thai fundamentals and techniques through partner drilling and pad work. Bring your boxing gloves.

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The perfect exercises for those who are looking for a class that’s easier on the Lower body.

Balls, Bands, & Bards (All Levels): Increase core strength and muscle definition. This class is designed to use stability balls, medicine balls for balance and coordination, bands for definition, and bars for strength!

Both Sides Up – Bosu (All Levels): Allows you to train for multiple components of fitness, balance stability and strengthening the core

Chair Core (Beginner): Strengthen low back and abdominal muscles without having to get on the floor. Decrease low back pain through a combination of postural, flexibility and strengthening exercises.

Lite & Fit: Low-impact aerobics are combined with intervals of strength and balance moves for a complete workout.

Reiki Relaxation Circle (All Levels): Come experience the relaxation that Reiki can provide. Reiki a “Spiritually guided life force energy”. Participants are seated in a chair for increased comfort.

Tai Chi Qigong (All Levels): Based on the principles of Qigong Tai Chi, participants learn to incorporate deep restorative breathing with slow and mindful movement. The slow and mindful pace will help to increase balance, flexibility, and increased relaxation.

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Terrific, Functional, And Powerful Class.

Kettlebell: This specialized class will increase strength, cardiovascular fitness & burn calories.

Bosu: Combination of kettlebell and Bosu provides tools needed to build lean muscle while strengthening ligaments and tendons as well as balance.

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Strength & Conditioning classes.

Body Blast Pump: Blast your muscles with high-rep weight training workout using an adjustable barbell, weight plate and body weight.

Group Training for Adults: Train in a group setting, gain independence in the weight and cardio rooms. Total body workout using selected equipment to maximize your training.

Impact Kickboxing: This energetic full body workout will increase overall strength and endurance. Learn proper technique while striking, kicking, and blocking on and off the bags.

Pound: Pound is inspired by infectious energizing and sweat dripping fun of playing the drums. Become the music in this exhilarating full body workout.

Step, Power & Tone: This class includes a nonstop calorie burning step choreography to increase your cardiovascular fitness and weights to sculpt your shape.

H.I.I.T. Tabata Max (Advanced): A total body heart pumping, aerobic and strength conditioning workout. Interval-based and designed to tone your body, improve endurance and clear your mind.

Tires and Battle Ropes (Intermediate): Outdoor Program. Tires and battle ropes to change up your routine through structured patterns of work and rest.

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A Total Body, High-Intensity Cardio, And Strength Workout.

Held in the Cardio Room, leads you through efficient precisely designed intervals on the treadmill, cross trainer, row machine and bikes. Increase endurance and cardiovascular strength.

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Improve Your Strength And Stamina.

Circuit training with a high level of conditioning and ballistic movements to tone, reshape and strengthen your entire body.

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All levels welcome.

Full body workout that uses basic dance principles to create a fun effective workout. Class focuses on body control and alignment, arm exercises using light weights. Floor work to develop core and sculpt abs and tone the lower body. Socks with nonslip soles required.

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Engage At Every Age.

Ocean County YMCA offers a variety of wellness opportunities including physical fitness, social activities and more. Programs include water exercise, yoga, and stretching classes. The Y is a place that active older adults can depend on; a place where they can enrich their lives and develop new skills, new interests and make new friends.

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